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Cover & Insert

100% Hand Made. Made in America.

Can you say retro? If you're like us and wish you could have enjoyed just one more happy camping trip this summer, this watercolor camper pillow design may be just what you need to keep fall's busy blues at bay. Add to your RV or trailer for your next adventure, or throw in a touch of color to your current home decor while the seasons are still in limbo.

1 Accent Pillow Cover
Size: Approx 10x10,12x12,14x14,16x16,18x18,20x20
Cover Front: Happy Campers Yellow Camper
Cover Back: Stark White
Closure: Concealed Zipper
Fabric: Cotton / Polyester Blend - Nicely woven, sturdy material
Other: Re-enforced Zipper Opening Ends.
Neat, Over-Locked Inside Edges
Quality checked, Inside and Out.

- Machine wash with like color, do not bleach. Dryer or air dry
- Touch up with an iron as needed

Materials: Cotton, Polyester.