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UniikPillows is a mother daughter team that loves designing, being artistic, finding the unusual and we certainly don’t mind being called eclectic! Creating Custom Pillow Designs to reflect your personality and brighten up your space!

Popular Collections

Hipster Animals

Our unique travel pillow collection featuring amazing travel destinations from around the world.   Collect your most favorite destinations or bucket list choices!  Sized at 12x18″ with a hidden zipper, for easy removal and washing. Simply cover your existing travel pillow or purchase a cover with insert.

Mini Pillows

These little pillows pack quite a punch in the cuteness factor!  Vibrant colors with adorable designs make for the perfect splash of color in your bedroom, on your couch or cubicle.  We have a few pet friends that love their pillows as well!  8x8″ in size, these fun pillows come with their inserts.  Great little stocking stuffers or gift items.

Travel Pillows

These fun designs offer an intriguing twist for the animal lover in all of us.  Taking our favorite wild animals and dressing them up into sophisticated counterparts.  Dressed in suits, scarfs, hats and glasses.  Adorable and most certainly eclectic!

Popular Covers

  • Chevron Pillow | Pillow Cover | Zig Zag | Throw Pillow | 18 x 18 Pillow | Home Decor | Gray Pillow | Gray Chevron Pillow | Gift | Rustic

  • Red Panda | Pillow Cover | Panda | Throw Pillow | Home Decor | Wilderness | Hipster Animal Art | Rustic Home Decor | Christmas Gift | 18×18

  • 12×12 | Pillow Insert | Hypoallergenic Insert | Polyester Pillow Inserts | Throw Pillow Insert | 12 x 12 Insert | Home Decor | Pillow Form

  • Barn Owl | Pillow Cover | Drawing of an Owl | Throw Pillow | Home Decor | Wilderness | Owl Print | Nature Inspired | Modern Farmhouse | Bird


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