Potted Plants for Spring

A wonderful way to adorn your porch swings, entry ways and add pops of color throughout your home. Select in various sizes for the perfect accent pillow.

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Throw pillows as unique as you are...

America America...

Adorn your porches this 4th July with Unique
Red White and Blue Pillows

What's the right pillow form insert for you?

Meet the Artists

Yolindi and Carealee is a fun-loving mother-daughter team, designing and creating beautiful eclectic throw pillow covers at their manufacturing studio in Phoenix, Arizona. This dynamic duo loves the whimsical and is always ready for an adventure. Together they aspire to create pillow covers that are practical, washable, and unique! They also create pillow inserts in hard-to-find sizes and shapes. Adding a wonderful full-service pillow shopping experience.


With so many inquiries for wholesale, we are excited to now offer our brand @Wholesale. Visit our Wholesale page which offers 3 Wholesale Platform options, Handshake and Faire being our preferred.

Blog posts

The Benefits of a Body Pillow

The Benefits of a Body Pillow

In addition to being extremely comfortable, body pillows can improve your sleep quality in myriad ways. Here are the five main benefits of a body pillow.

August 19, 2021 — Anissa Rowe
Artist Pillows and Pillow Art: A Proposition

Artist Pillows and Pillow Art: A Proposition

If you have ever wanted to do something unique with your artwork beyond canvas or paper, we have a suggestion for you. Come flip your art into your own collection of UniikPillows!
July 22, 2021 — Anissa Rowe
Summer Patio Styling - The Melissa Lifestyle

Summer Patio Styling - The Melissa Lifestyle

This is a shout out to Melissa Lifestyle Blog.   So enjoyed the blog you posted about us and the Pillows look amazing in your space.

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July 15, 2021 — Yolindi de Gouveia