Contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible to wash throw pillow covers!

Many are under the impression that the decorative nature of a throw pillow makes it fragile. They are often too scared to even buy one in the first place for fear of everyday life ruining it.

We get it! But not all pillows are created equal.

Since our customers’ commonly asked questions revolve around the care and sizing instructions of our pillow covers and inserts, we have decided to set it all straight.

At the end of this, you will know the types of materials we use, how best to care for our products to ensure lasting enjoyment, and how to correctly size pillow inserts and covers to meet your needs.

Quality Materials

As local, small business owners, we believe in absolute transparency.

We strive to provide only the best products for your home, not just in the good times when your living space is pristine because you’re hosting guests, but in the mundane, couch-covered-in-spare-socks and backpacks kind of days, too.

Here’s the thing, at the end of the day, we are normal folks just like you. Yes, we all have our own sense of normal…

But we despise chores and wasting money and time as much as anyone. We know spills and stains are an inevitable part of life, and home décor feels the brunt of it.

That is why we strive to design beautiful products that are both affordable and durable, too. We want you to freely decorate your home without worrying about childproofing or pet-proofing your throw pillows.

Our pillows are not intended to be used like the good china you only bring out on special occasions! While they are high quality, they are also handmade to last.

We are proud to say our products are truly American made. We handle all stages of the pillow-making process from designing, printing, embroidering, stuffing, and sewing.

Each standard pillow cover is made from a hypoallergenic, cotton-polyester blend fabric. It is soft to the touch but tightly woven and resilient.

Then, our digital printing machine permanently bonds our unique and collaborated designs to these handcrafted pillow covers.

This procedure ensures a lasting print that will not fade, whether you rub it constantly, sleep and drool on it, or yes, wash it on a weekly basis.

Pillow Cover & Insert Care Instructions

All standard pillow covers are handsewn with concealed zippers. These convenient zippers allow for pillow inserts to be easily removed and replaced.

Of course, caution should be taken when handling zippers! You do not want to force them open roughly, as part of the pillow insert could get caught. More about that in a bit.

For the best results, our throw pillow covers should be washed with similar colors, cold water, and on your machine’s gentle cycle.

If you own a Uniik pillow in a textured material like velvet or one of our new embroidered pillow covers, you are not the exception to these care instructions.

These textured accent pillows are made from thick and sturdy but soft canvas and can also be washed in your machine on the gentle cycle.

Simply run the load with items that will not snag the designs. Or, turn them inside out to protect them while they spin and collide with other materials.

While pillow covers can be placed in the dryer, we do recommend laying them flat to dry to preserve their shape.

If you feel there is a need, use a warm iron to touch them up before restuffing them with our comfy pillow inserts.

Sizing Pillow Inserts

We are so happy we have the ability to create hypoallergenic pillow inserts with our very own fluffing and stuffing machine (note: not the official name of machine).

These inserts come in all sizes, including customized dimensions. They can be ordered separately or with your pillow cover purchases through our site.

As a general rule, pillow inserts should be the exact same size as your throw pillow cover measurements. If you are a fan of over-stuffed, firm accent pillows, we advise purchasing an insert that is no more than 1-2 inches bigger than your pillow cover.

When adding your pillow insert to your pillow cover, gently fold the insert in half with one hand while holding the unzipped cover open with the other. Continue to squeeze the insert together as you carefully unfold it inside your cover, positioning all four corners to align.

Once the insert has been, well, inserted, squish the whole pillow down to begin zipping the cover over it easily.

Make sure no loose threads or materials are hindering the zipper closure. If so, do not force it! Just remove the obstacle, reverse the zipper if necessary, then proceed.

Voila! You have successfully washed, measured, and stuffed your own throw pillow!

We suggest celebrating with a latte, a good book, and possibly a nap on your new Uniik pillow.

Thank You for Shopping UniikPillows

See? Now you don’t have to stress. Homes are meant to be lived in, after all!

Like anything, if you treat your pillow covers and inserts with the right care, they will treat you with years of steadfast comfort and decorative joy!

Recently, we updated our pillow cover tags to include all these care instructions. Additionally, all pillow insert purchases come with a care guide as well as steps with pictures showing how to fit the insert into our pillow covers.

As always, if there are ever any questions, concerns, or feedback for ways we can improve, both the shop door and our ears are open to you!

We especially love the pictures you share with us via social media on styling your UniikPillows in your own home! Please, keep them coming for a chance to be featured on our newsletter or social pages.

We can never express how grateful we are to all of our customers and their continued support of our eclectic throw pillow studio. Thank you for believing in our dynamic, mother-daughter duo!

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