You. Have. Made. It.

At last, you can relish the walk across the stage as your name is announced, grip that diploma, and move your tassel from one side of your graduation cap to the other.

Every late night spent studying, every journal filled with tiny scribbles, every test passed and bead of sweat that dropped in anticipation of it, all of it accumulates to this one moment: Graduation Day.

But wait, in all the studying and planning and overall exhaustion it took to get here, did you find time to decorate your graduation cap? Will your graduation photos be as memorable, as colorful and accomplished, as you hoped?

You deserve to feel and look proud on your graduation day, after all. You have earned it!

Here’s the thing: you could decorate your own graduation cap after cramming for final exams, only to throw the crinkled, glue-stained result away once you wore it for a whole hour.

Or, you could tell us what you want, leave it in our hands, then keep the memento forever.

Instead of a decorative paper topper on your graduation cap, which could be ruined by rain, overly excited huggers, or warping sun rays, consider a lasting embroidery design.

New to Etsy: UniikEmbroidery

We did a thing!

As our newsletter subscribers know, we have expanded our business to more than just pillows. We are having so much fun with our new embroidery machine, we can’t help but push our boundaries.

Rest-assured, pillows will always be our core focus. We have loved creating new

embroidery designs for our pillow covers over the past couple of months. We will continue to hone our skill with pillow cover designs in general to meet demand.

However, in an effort to streamline interests and keep our site neat, our sister shop UniikEmbroidery is open for business on Etsy.

There’s just something a little extra personal about embroidered products. The texture, the dimension, the appeal of something handmade and made to last – it is such a beautiful process from start to finish.

Like our custom section mentions, eventually our embroidery services will cover a variety of needs. We hope to provide embroidered handkerchiefs for formal events, embroidered garments like hats and shirts, large embroidery products like blankets, and who knows what else!

For now, we are starting with embroidered graduation cap toppers.

Graduation is right around the corner for many. We want to make sure your favorite graduates feel loved, especially after last year’s pandemic delays!

The Fine Print

To be clear, our embroidered graduation cap designs are for toppers only. You will need to obtain your own cap separately.

Our embroidered graduation cap toppers are directly sewn over, so you can slip it onto your graduation cap. This way, you do not have to worry about the topper blowing away or lifting at the edges while in use.

Like everything UniikPillows creates, embroidered graduation caps are completely customizable.

From various color cap materials, special fonts, and thread colors, our range of embroidery options is virtually endless.

Select from any of our showcased designs, like a white or black fabric with a botanical wreath and a quote. Or, send in your own idea!

Maybe you are graduating nursing school and want your embroidered graduation cap to reflect your upcoming occupation. Maybe you want a simple but clever quote. Maybe you just want your name or class year listed.

Whatever design you wish that can reasonably fit on a graduation cap, we will create!

Once you submit your order, we will follow up with you to ensure we manifest your vision precisely.

Since all embroidered graduation caps are handmade in-house, you should expect a 2 to 3 week order completion.

Shipping is always free! However, if you are on a tight deadline, we can definitely bump your order up the priority chain for an expedited fee.

Embroidered graduation caps start at $85. If you are wanting a truly unique look with over 15 words, it’s $120 for us to fully customize, which includes drawing and digitizing your embroidered design.

Additionally, if you and your fellow classmates want to get all matchy-matchy, inquire about a group rate! To qualify, at least ten embroidered graduation cap toppers should be ordered at once.

How to Preserve Your Embroidered Graduation Cap Topper

Once the celebrations have eased and you hang up your cap, what should you do with your embroidered grad cap topper?

We have a few ideas.

If you heard about our new fluffing machine, you know we make our own pillow inserts in-house. We also have the ability to make any insert in any dimension we choose.

Remember, your graduation topper is removable. So, simply stretch it over a pillow insert!

After the thrill of finishing school subsides and the toils of the workforce take over, your converted grad topper will sit on your bed as a constant reminder that you are still capable of great things.

Pro tip: if this is your end goal, let us know upon ordering your embroidered graduation cap topper so we can get you squared away ahead of time.

However, if you don’t have room for another pillow, you now have a great excuse to finally create a gallery wall in your new office.

Step one, pick a beautiful frame that matches and dimensionally fits your embroidered graduation cap. Step two, remove your embroidered topper and lay it flat between the glass and backside of your frame. Step three, hang your now-framed graduation topper on your wall, surrounded by other coordinating artworks.

Every time writer’s block hits you, or you wonder if you really have what it takes to succeed in your line of work, let this embroidered art bring back your sense of accomplishment as you recall the joys from that day.

One thing is certain, you must get photos of your embroidered graduation cap! Pictures last a lifetime. And now, your creative graduation cap can live on, too.

We would love to display and cheer on any and every graduate who dons our UniikEmbroidery graduation cap toppers this season. Please send pictures and stories to us via our social channels.

Congratulations, Class of 2021/2022/2023!

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