With the good-natured spirit of holiday giving quickly approaching, many individuals begin to look into supporting an upstanding cause either by volunteering or donating funds.

There are so many nonprofits and well-intended companies out there, it can be difficult to choose just a handful. Oftentimes, though, we tend to support causes that we can relate to.

Maybe a loved one is fighting cancer, so we participate in a 5K. Maybe we ourselves know the struggle of financial hardship, so we gladly pack holiday meal boxes and gift wrap children’s toys each season.

As a small business, we take pride in in being involved in local communities and supporting great causes however we can. For instance, when the pandemic hit its peak last spring, we put our shoulders to the wheel and our feet to the sewing pedals to create face masks not just for our customers but for local hospitals as well.

But as heart conditions and illnesses hit a little close to home for us, we recognize Mended Hearts is achieving special and important work.

Thus, we count it a great honor to now be the sole pillow provider for the non-profit organization. The Lexington and Evansville chapters have chosen UniikPillows’ pillow inserts and customized pillow covers to be stocked in every hospital room!

Handmade in-house with 100% organic, hypoallergenic material, our fluffy pillow inserts and soft covers are a perfect fit for the tender care and caution needed for at-risk hospital patients.

What a privilege it is to know we can give back in our own way! Our product will provide physical comfort to thousands of heart patients who come into contact with Mended Hearts programs.

For those unfamiliar with the organization, Mended Hearts began in the 1950s as a peer-support program for families with loved ones diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Through education, advocacy, and community fundraising, this nonprofit seeks to bring about heart disease awareness and reinstate the quality of life for patients with heart illnesses.

Among other practices, they send advocates to caregivers, family members, and patients facing surgery, seeking assistance, or simply needing someone to talk to about their specific issues.

Like any hardship, heart disease affects everyone differently, depending on the particular illness, time of life, or the mental state of the patient and loved ones indirectly affected. Mended Hearts seeks to ease both physical and emotional pain during all processes in and out of the hospital room.

If you are interested in all the good deeds Mended Hearts is doing, please take a look through their education programs and see how you yourself can get involved!

We hope this article inspires you to reach out to an individual or organization in need this season. Whether it is in a hands-on activity or indirect financial support, it is so rewarding to do something for humanity’s greater good and know you had an impact.

As always, we appreciate you, our loyal customers, who continue to make our small business a success so we in turn can bless others in need within our community.

May you go forth and be a blessing this holiday season!


Jana Stewart-Chapter107 said:

Our Evansville chapter had been buying pillows from Uniik Pillows for several years. They are a great quality and it’s been a pleasure working with Yolindi. I recommend then, wholeheartedly.

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