Pillow Talk - November News UniikPillows

Pillow Talk - November News

Who's ready for pie and turkey and all the fixings?!

After this busy year, after all the upside downs and temporary turnarounds, we are so looking forward to spending a day around our family table with grateful hearts.

We know there is still a month and a half left of the year, but we are getting a head start on 2021 reflections. There is so much to be thankful for (read below for specifics). ...

Pillow Talk - August Newsletter UniikPillows

Pillow Talk - August Newsletter

August feels like the calm before the storm. There are no major holidays (unless you count National Potato Day on the 19th...everyone likes potatoes).

Yes, some kids are back in school and other functions are revving up a tad. But, it's still summer.  ...

Pillow Talk - Hello July! UniikPillows

Pillow Talk - Hello July!

Smell that? It's the undeniable scent of freedom!

With the 4th of July on Sunday this weekend, it's a bright sign telling us to relax, over-eat, and spend quality free-time with our loved ones. ...

Pillow Talk - May Days UniikPillows

Pillow Talk - May Days

Are your May plans just as busy as ours?! 

Now that the world is slowly opening again, everyone we know is catching up on all the life missed. From graduations, baby showers, bridal celebrations, weddings, and even Mother's Day this weekend, we've got full calendars and we aren't complaining!

On the business side, thanks to our new heat press we can now work triple time on customer orders! This baby is a workhorse. In case you're curious, our heat press uses sublimation to turn ink into gas which then fuses into the fibers of our pillow covers. Unlike the print screen process which can eventually wear or wash out, sublimation ensures a timeless design! ...

Pillow Talk - April Goodness UniikPillows

Pillow Talk - April Goodness

All Fridays are good, but today is a really Good Friday. Like a 5-star kind of Friday.

We've been in business since 2016, and THANKS TO ALL OF YOU READING THIS NEWSLETTER and your 2,000+ reviews, we have a 5-Star rating on Etsy and Amazon!

Even more good news, we've just signed on with Wayfair. So, if you happen to be shopping for other home decor, or hot tubs, or really anything on that platform, you'll have access to all of your favorite Uniik Pillow collections, too! ...