In case you haven’t already noticed, velvet made a big comeback in the design world over the past few years, and there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon. You won’t find us complaining! We love how velvet and other textured materials feel on our updated pillow inserts.

But what if you’re nervous to jump on the bandwagon? What if you are just not into the whole vibrant velvet couch (or curtain or chair or headboard) look? What if you only want to dabble in the texture trend instead of letting it consume your entire living room?

Remember, the key to eye-catching home décor is subtlety. Whether you choose velvet, metallic, animal prints, leather, an embroidered design, or a combination of them all, a simple accent pillow is a great place to start.

You have likely heard it said that too much of a good thing is usually a bad thing. This theory also applies to interior decorating. As a DIY home designer, you’ll want to keep the word “balance” at the forefront of your mind. Since it is so easy to get carried away, we’ve put together a few DIY tips and tricks so you can affordably and confidently test the waters when playing around with various textures.

Regardless of your home décor style, below are 5 easy ways to incorporate our boutique and trendy pillow covers so you can transform your living space!

1. Start with a Color Palette

Perhaps this seems obvious, but before you attempt to style your home in various textures, you need to decide on a color scheme. That’s not to say every
UniikPillows-Textured Pillow Velvet Pillow
room needs to look the same, or that you can’t be creative. If neutrals and pastels are your thing, great! If you like bold, rich hues, no problem! Just try to stick to a few complementary colors as your main foundation. For instance, if the walls and furniture are mostly light shades, your pillows and other accent décor shouldn’t be too dark in contrast. However, if your walls are navy or emerald, choosing gold velvet accent pillows will enhance these jewel tones while also softly brightening the otherwise dark environment.

2. Usage & Placement

Consider the amount of traffic your interior decor will receive. Will your textured accent pillows be in a formal living room that is rarely used? Or, will they be lounged against and held tightly on your family’s most cherished couch? Of course, all our pillow covers are high quality, durable, and washable. But when decorating your home’s living spaces, you should design based on how you want the overall room to feel. Velvet pillows are a warm invitation for luxurious

snuggles or cuddling up with a good book in a reading nook. Metallics and satin

material, on the other hand, are generally seen in formal settings like office spaces or modern design living areas.

3. Pattern Mixing

Once you have narrowed down your base colors, look for patterns and designs that showcase or enhance those hues. Most of us would never think to place a floral print next to polka dots or stripes, or even a vintage map design. But guess what? It works! Remember, though, you are going for balance, not busyness. The formula to mixing patterns in interior design is to alternate print sizes. For example, start with a big emerald velvet pillow. Add a large scale, floral print pillow that’s just a bit smaller, or a , in front of it. Then, throw in a mini silver or pillow, or even lay a leopard print blanket over the arm of the couch next to your pillows. Voila! You are a pattern mixing master!

4. Backdrops and Photo Ops
UniikPillows-Textured Pillow Velvet Pillow
Let’s face it, your teenagers will inevitably update their social media fans and followers on a regular basis, anyway. Why not provide them with a cute prop or stylish backdrop while they are at it? A textured, dimensional pillow might just be what they (or you) need for their next “grammable” post! Hear us out. Solid color velvets soften lighting and create moody shadows. Metallic shades and or suede deflect light and serve as fantastic monochrome backgrounds. Animal prints pop in an otherwise neutral color scheme. With their consistent patterns, they can also draw attention to a main focal point like, say, a product you are selling and want to be noticed on your social media site. While gorgeous to look at on their own, and quite comfortable if we do say so ourselves, our textured and varied pillow covers are useful, versatile tools for an inexpensive photoshoot setting!

UniikPillow-Textured Pillow Velvet Pillow
5. Statement Pieces

Why not turn your interior design into inspiration? Uplifting words are such a precious commodity. With so many working from home these days, pep talks, positive quotes, and stimulating visual images are needed now more than ever before! But not everyone has the pocket change to spend on lavish wall art. Our accent pillows lighten the mood of any living area. Modern design teaches that textures like embroidery draw our attention, often causing us to reach out and feel them. Your guests will love the feel of these soft and sturdy stitches, and you will have traced them and committed them to memory before long. Control your own Zen by placing these bold and stimulating statements all over your home as necessary reminders throughout your day. Life really is meant for adventure. Even while you’re “stuck” at home, there are untold joys to be found!

The best part about owning an eclectic collection of textured accent pillows is the wide range of design opportunities you will always have at your fingertips. Any time you feel like mixing up your home décor, simply swap out an animal print pillow for polka dots or move them all to a new room. You will likely trick your guests and family members into thinking you completely redecorated!

Of course, there are many more good reasons to choose various textures and patterns for your home décor. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

However you choose to style these fabulous new materials, we hope you do it with your own personal flair! We love seeing our customers’ creations and encourage you to share them with us by tagging us (@uniikpillows) in all of your fun DIY design posts.

September 25, 2020 — Deepak Kumar

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