You might be wondering what you would ever do with a mini throw pillow.

Frankly, we are glad you asked!

Do you ever find yourself wandering store aisles aimlessly at the end of a school year in search of an appropriate teacher gift? Do you know a graduate heading off to college who wants to take a piece of home with them? Would you rather not take your everyday, bulky bed pillow on a road trip or camping adventure?

We thought so.

Mini throw pillows are so versatile, there’s not much you couldn’t do with one (or several) of them.

Even though they do make amazing gifts, they are still just as practical on display in your own home as well.

For example, if your body is mostly sedentary throughout the day, lumbar support is a critical requirement. Many employees who began working from home last year found out the hard way they did not have the proper back support while working at their makeshift desks.

Instead of dwindling your health savings accounts at the chiropractor, a mini throw pillow propped behind your back could be just the trick. Bonus points if that little pillow matches your office décor!

Speaking of décor, one of the best reasons to style mini throw pillows in your home is to create depth and dimension to an otherwise plain sofa. This, in turn, creates an impression of comfort and luxury. The more layers and textures to a couch, the better!

Combined with solid-color couch cushions and regular accent pillows, mini throw pillows will add a small pop of color or pattern to a living area.

Adding a combination of our mini pillows makes the décor in a room more cohesive, as well.

For instance, if your home is an open layout, you want your décor to flow from the kitchen and dining rooms to the living area. Throwing in some food designs like our lemon mini pillows or even mini pillows with statements like “home sweet farmhouse” will complement your entire home and tie each room together.

Or, maybe you’re a plant mom, with foliage in every corner? Amp up those jungle vibes with some wildlife themed mini pillows! If you live to travel but still want to keep your décor simple, why not toss some geographical mini pillows on your sofa?

Mini pillows aren’t limited to the living room, either.

Reading nooks make for the best spots to stockpile a few favorite mini pillows for those hours lost in fictional worlds. Build the aesthetic in these corners and inspire quiet time with literary quotes from Shakespeare.

After all, changing a cluster of mini pillows (which double as imaginary friends) is so much easier than updating an entire room of décor.

Perhaps your child is outgrowing stuffed animals but is still very much a kid. Our collection of sophisticated forest friends or colorful llama designs is fun and sure to be loved!

They might be so loved your child will end up packing their childhood mini pillows to college someday. Small and convenient, these pillows are made to go wherever you do.

But what about those timeless photos and cards that often get tossed in the trash after too many have cluttered the refrigerator?

Our favorite idea yet involves announcements of every kind.

From ultrasound pictures to bridesmaid proposals or even anniversary milestones, mini pillows are a great way to turn a sentimental, special occasion into a unique gift and lasting memory.

Whatever your occasion, design theme, color palette, hobby, or season, every pillow in our store can be customized to your wishes. As always, that includes not just the design but the material, too.

Mini throw pillows are no exception! In fact, they’re proof that great things come in small packages.

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