Calling all artists, both starving and well-fed!

If you have ever wanted to do something unique with your artwork beyond canvas or paper, we have a suggestion for you.

We may be bias, but we consider all our pillows a form of art in their own right. However, we especially love watching an artist’s work transform onto our pillow covers.

That is the stuff that really gives us goosebumps, you know?

We love art in all expressions. In fact, that is why we love pillows so much!

Just like an art gallery wall or a statement furniture piece, we are witnesses that something so simple as a pillow changes a room’s design dynamics. This is what makes us continue to do what we do.

That being said, if you are striving to expose your artwork to the world, we want to help you. We want to encourage artists to showcase their creations on our pillow covers.

Now, it is possible you are downplaying your artistic ability right now as you read this.

Before you shy away with a “shucks, my art isn’t good enough,” though, believe us when we say art is subjective.

No one on this entire planet has the exact style or personality you do. Even if they did, they do not live on your block nor do they have access to the same group of people you do.

Bottom line, if you enjoy creating, designing, drawing, painting, or splattering, whether or not you feel confident calling yourself an artist, chances are likely that you are one.

Consider this your official invitation to turn your talent into functional, potentially lucrative, versatile art pieces.

Come flip your art into your own collection of UniikPillows!

Here are some ways this can be profitable to you.

You could opt for the collaboration method to display your art. This option may be ideal for someone who would rather not mess with marketing or does not have a large following.

Of course, some small legal contract gibberish would be required, as well as a wholesome conversation about what suits us both best.

But more than anything, a collaboration would mean a great deal of fun, like a best friend for life.

This is a surefire method of exposure, and we have definitely pulled it off before.

Like, for instance, our Primitives by Kathy collaboration from our Limited Design pillow collection. Or this gorgeously detailed lion watercolor pillow by captivating watercolor artist George Dyachenko. Seeing his work pop on our pillows brings us such joy!

The other option, though, offers much more autonomy to any artist looking to start a side hustle or maybe even expand their business.

Simply get a custom wholesale order started. All you will need is a blank canvas (well, several) to make your magic happen, right?

We can provide any size pillow inserts, as you know. Then, you will choose a pillow cover material measured to match. Details on the differences are outlined below.

Once your art has printed on the pillows, they will be shipped to you.

Once received, you are free to display your own printed pillow art for sale on your social media platforms, business website, or even your local farmer’s market.

Hello side hustle!

What kind of art medium does this work for?

As long as it can be transferred to a high-resolution, digital image, any kind of art medium can convert to a printed pillow design.

Think watercolor, oil paintings, or sketches, and any art genre like abstract images, realism, impressionism, contemporary, minimalism, and so on!

UniikPillows founder’s mother captures desert landscapes on canvas with oil paints. Her original artwork has been seamlessly (see what we did there?) transferred to our pillow covers for others to enjoy in their home.

If you need help with the digitizing part of the process, just let us know. We will help you understand how our fancy machine transfers the image of your art to our pillow cover material, too.

Either our regular hypoallergenic cotton or our amazingly soft, deluxe fabric will work to print your digital art.

Even better, our pillow covers are fully washable, so the artwork will not wear off!

Although both materials are exceptional quality, you really can tell the difference with our tightly-woven, luxury fabric. Not only did it pass the 100,000 rub test without wearing out or breaking down, it also is just as hypoallergenic and still affordable.

But, as you can see in this graduation photo pillow, digital designs do come out clear and crisp with our regular material. It really is just a matter of preference.

Perhaps, for your first run, you want to start small. Literally.

Why not display your art on mini pillows? Like we mention in this blog, mini pillows are super versatile and make for great gifts, too!

A Few Tips

Take it from us, we know good and well how hard it is to get your name out there. But we also know from experience that if you are passionate about something, people take notice.

Whether you are a serious artist in it for the long haul or only interested in turning a creative hobby into a lucrative side business, our advice is to be genuine, regardless.

Original work made with quality and care speaks volumes of its own, which leads us to our next bit of advice.

Know your worth. While it is reasonable to set affordable prices on your art, never try to sell yourself short for quick cash.

And lastly, do not be afraid to experiment or fail. Alas, not all ideas will be great ideas, but you may never know that unless you test it yourself. It is all part of the process!

Final Thoughts: Artist Pillows and Pillow Art Submissions

We cannot wait to see what you come up with! We await with bated breath for the entries and inquiries you send our way.

As we said before, please feel free to run any ideas or questions by us first. Consider us your cheerleaders as much as your suppliers.

Here’s to all artistic endeavors, and pillow art collaborations to come!


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I was looking into putting my art on to pillows and came across your web page. I would love to understand a bit more of how this works. Please feel free to check out my work at
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