Remember when you were eighteen, desperate to say goodbye to high school and prove yourself to the world? Well, teen angst hasn’t changed, but unfortunately that senior year feeling of freedom is sort of squelched right now.

UniikPillows-Graduation Pillow Custom GRad Pillow Graduation Memory Pillow

Young adults everywhere at the high school and college levels have worked hard to pass tests, impress recruiters, and gain experience in their intended futures, only to be robbed of their final moments of victory due to the pandemic.

Our hearts go out to all who looked forward to crossing a stage in cap and gown and snagging their diplomas. Instead of a wide-open world at their feet and untapped potential to dive into, the future must seem quite bleak.

Of course, we know this too shall pass. We know that not all hope is lost.

But, with your help, we’d like to spread this positive message to as many graduates as we can.

They need to know their educational efforts were not in vain. They need to hear that you—their guardians, role models, and cheerleaders—are still just as proud of all they have accomplished.

Regardless of how they can, or can’t, celebrate, let’s remind all of our graduates that they are important. The world still needs their dreams and ambitions!

So, why not say “ConGRADuations” with a custom pillow?

Now that we are printing our pillow designs in-house, the options are practically limitless.

UniikPillows-Graduation Photo Pillow Grad Gift Pillow Custom Grad Pillow

Whether it’s a photograph of your graduate, an inspiring quote, or a handwritten note, just about anything can be custom-printed on a pillow as a timeless treasure. Even if you want something simple on the front, the flip side could be more tailored to the individual you are gifting it to, like a letter of congratulations or an image that’s meaningful to just the two of you.

Anyone can give a gift card or cash. But special people deserve special, heartfelt gifts.

From a college dorm room to a computer chair as they begin working from home, a personalized pillow, be it mini or heart-shaped or any size requested, can travel anywhere with your grad.

Each time they hold their pillow, your gift of love will comfort them. No matter how far away in physical or social distance, they’ll constantly be reminded of your encouraging words.

As always, all orders can be placed online and shipped directly to your favorite graduate(s), too.

Call or message us soon to design a custom graduation pillow to be cherished for years!

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